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personalized pencils for kids

In addition to a personalized pencil, why not reward you students with an extra bonus item like an eraser or sharpener? It's a cheap way to keep kids excited and the littlest gesture can make the world of difference to your students.  Motivate students to work harder and give them the proper tools to make their dreams reality.  Our pencils are high quality #2 and you will be happy to know they aren't those cheap pencils that break when writing. We love the idea of giving 1 personalized pencil and 1 sharpener to students and have the whole class participate in the Great Pencil Challenge. Give every student a personalized pencil, and a sharpener if you wish, and have check ins every week or month.  Whoever keeps the same pencil the longest wins a prize!!  This is a cheap way for teachers to allow kids to learn responsibility and they won't even know it because they are having so much fun with the challenge!! Let us help you design your personalized pencil and sharpener today!!  We source high quality, not cheap products, and keep costs low to help teachers not break the bank when ordering items for their classroom. 

If these pre-designed pencils aren't what you're looking for be sure to check out our custom imprinted pencils and our cheap imprinted pens.


Retention is better when taking notes.  Enourage your students to take great notes by giving them a pencil to start. has a variety of cheap pencils for 
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