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  • Rainbow Click Pen

    Low Pricing, Low Minimums, Great quality & USA Made!! This retractable pen comes in tons of colors making it easy to find the exact combination you are looking for.

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  • Neon Pencils

    #2 Neon Pencils are bright, fun and sure to make your message stand out. Great for libraries, tutoring centers, prevention campaigns and more.

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  • Economy Pencils

    #2 The Economy Pencil is a pencil that will get the point across without breaking the budget. Great for schools, churches, trade shows, charities and give-a-ways.

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  • Black Matte Pencils

    #2 Black Matte Pencils are sleek and sophisticated. Perfect for art and design studios, anniversary parties, corporate events, boutiques and more.

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Personalized Promotional Pencils

Need a way to cost efficiently advertise your business? Why not try our cost efficient Value Stick custom pens?  Or maybe you would like to Reward your students without breaking your budget? Try our Economy Personalized #2 Pencils.  Perhaps you are looking for a low cost but highly effective trade show giveaway? Well then look no further because you have come to the right place. At we offer a wide array of high quality #2 pencils,  personalized pens and promotional items at incredibly affordable prices. From our standard Personalized Economy line, to mood pencils and custom pens, stylus’, tapes measurers, balloons, magnets, we have items for every occasion. Items perfect for baby showers, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, tradeshows, birthdays and much more, you name it and we have it! And if we don’t have it, contact us and we’ll be happy to get it for you.

Let’s Get to the Point…

Pencils will always be our first love. We started in the business over 16 years ago with a true passion for pencils. We were determined to keep our prices low and our quality high which we have been successful at for over a decade.  I mean, who knew that there are hundreds of different ways to get your “point” across using a pencil?    They are definitely not just for the classroom anymore, although that is still a great way to use them.   Why not use them as business cards to advertise to your customers in a unique way?  Add your logo, phone number and website and generate buzz.  Or send out them out as Save The Date reminders for your guests with the cute saying like “Pencil Us In” imprinted on them. You can reward your student’s favorite teacher with a box of their very own cheap imprinted pencils.   Teachers work hard every day and think how excited they would be to receive such a personal gift that is useful and special to their classroom!  
These personalized pencils for kids are always a hit.

Other Great Ideas:

          •   Fundraisers – Our Economy custom pencils are perfect for giveaways!
          •   Student Incentives and Rewards – Get Students Excited To Write with our color changing mood personalized pencils!!
          •   Anniversary Favors – Try our All Black Rainbow Click custom pens!
          •   Baby shower take aways  - Our low minimum Click Stick promotional pens in All White 
          •   Birthday Parties - Make personalized pens to remember the day!
          •   Military Events – The most up to date camo custom pencils around
          •   4th of July Parades and Elections - Check out our Patriotic Twist promotional pens. 
          •   Religious Groups and Events - We have Religous Neon promotional pencils!
          •   Sports Events - Add your teams schedule to a personalized pencils so dates aren't forgotten!

Not just pencils anymore…

Custom Pencils

Over the last couple of years, we have realized that if we can create a great quality personalized pencil and keep the prices lows, why can’t we do that with other items.  We have been lucky enough to have the ability to add over 400 plus items to our already extensive line of custom pencils and personanlized pens and are continuing to add items every week.  We are no longer limited to just promotional pens and promotional pencils. We don’t put every item on our website though.  We source great items that we can keep at a low cost for our customers.  Many of the items being added are items we have special ordered for our customers and they have gave us great reviews on the products.  We only want the best for our customers.  If you browse through our site you will see that we now carry items for sporting events, tradeshows, business offices, doctors’ offices, party favors and much more.  We have a great assortment of items and if you don’t see an item you are looking for, chances are we have it and it just hasn’t been added to the website yet.  Please email us and we would be happy to see if we can get the item. 


 The question really should be Why Not GetPersonalizedPencils?  But we are happy to explain why you should choose us for all of your personalization needs.

          •   We provide high quality pencils, personalized pens and now promotional items at low costs.
          •   We are committed to providing exceptional customer service.
          •   Our expert art team will help you pick out the best color combinations, items and clip art for your occasion. 
          •   We have rush services available!
          •   We’ve provided reliable services for more than 16 years.
          •   We are always coming up with creative new designs to keep our customers happy
          •   We are passionate about what we do and hope you enjoy our products.
          •   We offer over 18 different stock colors in our Economy line, more than many other companies.

          •   We are one of the lowest priced companies around for the items we have and this is always a goal for us. has over 16 years in the promotional industry and we are truly committed to producing excellent products for our customers and giving them exceptional service while doing so. With the expert team we have nothing is overlooked from the time you place your order online until the time it is delivered to your door.  We treat every order the same whether it is a 25 piece pencil order or an order for 10,000 promotional pens. Each order gets 100% attention because we truly value every order and the customers who place them.  Please check back for new items, new specials and feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. We are always happy to hear from our customer.  Also feel free to leave reviews, we love reading them!